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Effective Hoarding Design


Hoardings are like large posters installed outside the open areas, highways, on the top of the buildings. Also you can see the boards inside the airports and other large facilities. They are very effective in delivering the message and grabbing the attention of the customer as they are not surrounded by text and editorials, they are mainly picture based with minimum text.

Hoarding design is little different than a brochure design for an advertisement. Firstly, a hoarding is bigger in size, thus it is readable from far as compared to the brochure or any other advertisement which is visible just a few inches away from your eyes. Secondly, you require more time to read a brochure or advertisement but you may require a few seconds to read the hoarding due to its size, and bigger text. Thirdly the hoardings are just the reminder mediums, to show your existence to the target audience. While driving you don't expect your customers to stop and read the message you want to convey through hoarding.

There are few factors need to be considered while designing the hoardings, they are less said the better, which means that few words can speak more, picture and images convey more than words. Keeping your message simple would make the message reach to the less educated people as well. Through this your advertising campaign would be a hit, as simple and easy language attracts the potential customers and induces them to check out what you are offering. Using bigger fonts draws the attention from far; having great color combination's makes the offers more interesting and attractive.

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