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Bend it, flex it, any way you want it

This banner stand is the latest innovation in exhibition stand products. Extremely versatile it is designed be easily portable and interchangeable.
The Twist system means you can display a single panel or link several together to form a complete exhibition stand.

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Twist System Display
• Simple assembly through the ‘Twist’ characteristic
• Patented tensioning system allowing for self -levelling on
  uneven surfaces
• Integrated Light
• Easily transportable in standard bags or protective flight
  case - very portable exhibition stand
• Std bags included
• Height extensions available to create taller displays
• Hardware suits the following graphic sizes, 700, 800, 900
  and 1m wide x 1.2m std height

  Twist Display System
  The Twist banner stand exhibition backdrop graphic will fulfil all of your portable exhibition stand requirements.
  Our latest and greatest banner system! Both form and function have been specifically considered to bring you a flexible, easy to use, aesthetically pleasing portable exhibition stands system that will enhance any display. You can use one by itself or 100 all in a line. You can make almost any shape, build in screens and plinths, use them all or just some of them at once – its up to you. Great for hiding shell schemes, using on space only sites or using in-store and your hotel even - wherever you need your portable exhibition stands.
  You can use one by itself or 100 all in a line. You can make almost any shape.
  It is available with 700mm full colour graphic banners, 800mm full colour graphic banners, 900mm full colour graphic banners, 1000mm full colour graphic banners and 1200mm full colour graphic banners. Each twist banner stand also comes with exhibition lighting, carry case and metal stand. The Twist portable exhibition stand display system also has a range of exhibition accessories including literature stands and computer plinths.
Twist Size Chart
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