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We are renowned as a high quality large format digital printing company with a reputation for innovation. Our ability to print on a huge variety of flexible materials including canvas, vinyl and polyester films, roller blind fabric, paper etc… has won us international awards.
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Flexible Media
  Fine Art Reproduction
  Also known as giclée print
  Giclée print is a piece of printed artwork or photograph produced using a high quality digital inkjet printer. When printed on good quality heavyweight art paper our print will possess archival standards of permanence comparable or better than other collectable artwork. The visual quality of the print result is extremely high with seeming continuous tone prints without dots, lines or barring. The colour saturation and definition can be stunning.

One advantage that digital printing offers to the artist and publisher is that the fine art edition can be printed on demand. Giclee images are recorded as a digital file and can be produced on a giclee printer singly, or more, whenever required. The prints will be exactly the same at the start and end of a print run, even if the run is interrupted and printed on different occasions. This means that the high cost and risk of producing a complete print edition all at once is avoided.
  The visual quality of our Giclée print
result is extremely high
  A second advantage is the control available by manipulation of the digital file. Using special software it is possible to tweak and alter the original image to improve the size, colour, tone and other qualities of the image. It is also possible to design or create the print image completely on a computer using designer software such as Adobe PhotoShop, thus producing effects that could not be hand made in the studio using paint or ink.

Our fine art reproduction work is not limited to paper we can print on acrylic and canvas, as well as our revolutionary Chimeric process.
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Giclee Paper
Giclee Paper

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